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KNIGA Orchestra

KNIGA Orchestra
KNIGA Orchestra is a harmonious recital which selected students at Korean National Institute for the Gifted in Arts who major in string, percussion, and wind instruments perform.
It first staged in 2011 and have steadily been showing its best stage at KNUA Hall at Seocho-dong. Through its passionate and earnest performance, it approaches a step closer to the audience.
This promotes the students' actual sense and will help students lead the future of Korean Art with passion.

Master class
Every year, Korean National Institute for the Gifted in Arts holds a Master Class by inviting one of the prominent global artists from all over the world.
Its purpose is to improve the students' skills and to enhance the musical knowledge through live teachings from active international professionals in music/dancing.
Additionally, students can be tested their talents from the educators of the global education field and they will also be able to set their goals and gain confidence in moving forward.

Various Art Experiences
Korean National Institute for the Gifted in Arts provides various experiences for developing students' creativity.
Besides technique/skill and theory education, students are able to expand their knowledge in art through experiences in various genre, such as, plays, operas, ballet, traditional music performances, tours at art museum, and etc. Along with watching performances and going to exhibitions, conversations and discussions(debates) with experts help students develop critical view of art and proper attitude in appreciating art.

Contribution Performances
Contribution performances promote students' character education by sharing their talent with the society.
It provides a great opportunity for students to consider and plan their future activities as professional art performers.

Annual Perfomances
Korean National Institute for the Gifted in Arts provides continuous periodical performances so that the students have the opportunity to show what they have practiced and how they have improved at the institute.
Through these performances, students are able to stand on center stage to experience the feeling as a future professional artist.